Steve Vai Unveils New Ibanez JEM's Floral Pattern

Steve Vai's Ibanez JEM has been widely known for it's unique floral design pattern that mostly being used in the guitar's fret board and body, now it seems that Steve doesn't want change that tradition as he unveils another new floral pattern for his JEM 77. According to the guitar legend's official MySpace page, the new pattern is the second one for the JEM 77 and the unveiling itself was being done at the MusicMesse in Frankfurt Germany.

From what I've seen the new pattern for the JEM 77 is indeed a very funky thing as it has that sort of that cartoon floral picture on the body that looked similar to the pattern on his album. Aside from the floral pic on the guitar body, there's also the classic flower accent on the finger board, pretty much the same as any of Steve's JEM model.

Detailing about the parts of the new JEM 77, Steve via his MySpace page explained it in this sentences: "The guitar features a 5pc maple and walnut neck with a rosewood fingerboard, and vine neck inlay with red accents to match the body design. The neck pickup is a DiMarzio® Evolution® DP158, middle pickup is a DiMarzio® Evolution® DPS1 and the bridge pickup is a DiMarzio® Evo2™. Hardware is chrome and the bridge is an Ibanez Edge."

Surely the new guitar will definitely be something that interest lots of guitar heads or Steve's fans, as not only it being completed with amazing hardware and gear, but the funky design would definitely catch many people in the eye. I do feel that the Ibanez JEMFP2 could attract many admirers as long as the price suits them off course, anyway more info about the guitar can be checked out at Ibanez's official site

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Lick Library Releases Van Hallen Guitar Lesson DVD

Lick Library set to give an interesting new stuffs for guitar lovers, which are some new DVD's for Van Halen lovers to study with, the Van Halen Guitar Lesson DVD's that is. The company has just announced via their official news letter about some of the product they will be releasing to the market, full story on this can be read via the press-release below.

Lick Library release Van Halen Guitar Tuition DVDs

Lick Library’s continually expanding archive of guitar DVD tutorials now includes Learn To Play Van Halen, Van Halen The Solos, Quick Licks Fast Rock in the style of Van Halen and Guitar Techniques Van Halen. Acclaimed author and guitar tutor Jamie Humphries presents the Learn to Play and Quick Licks in the style of Van Halen, and the legendary Lick Library co-founder and guitar tutor Stuart Bull presents Van Halen the Solos and Guitar Techniques.

Van Halen, the ultimate heavy metal hard rock band that has sold more than 80 million albums worldwide, is fronted by the innovative, energetic guitarist Eddie Van Halen. Eddie Van Halen's distinctive approach to the guitar, combined with his rhythmic sensibility and melodic approach, has influenced an entire generation of guitarists.

Learn to Play Van Halen (RRP £24.99) – to get the low down on five classic Van Halen tracks, this guitar workshop has Jamie Humphries take you step by step through Hot For Teacher, Panama, Unchained, Eruption and Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love. These tracks, spanning the early to mid point of the bands career, allow you to explore plenty of Eddie’s famous licks, riffs and tricks including two handed tapping, dives, pinched harmonics, legato and use of the whammy bar. This guitar double DVD lesson shows you how you can develop the fleet-fingered brilliance of Eddie, the man who inspired a generation of two handed fret-tappers!

Quick Licks Fast Rock in the style of Van Halen (RRP £19.99) –this DVD guitar lesson with Jamie, gives an in depth look at 25 licks in the style of Eddie Van Halen which can help you get that ultimate Eddie Van Halen “trick bag”. The DVD also includes a rock guitar jam track for you to play along to with your newly learnt guitar skills.

On top of all that Jamie talks you through the equipment the Eddie uses, giving you sound advice on how to get that true Eddie Van Halen feel in your playing.

Van Halen The Solos (RRP £23.99) – with a DVD guitar lesson and a CD of guitar jam tracks to practice with, Stuart Bull show you how to play the solos from the timeless Jump, Panama, Beat It, Somebody Get Me A Doctor and Hot For Teacher. Stuart demonstrates the solos at three different tempos fast medium and slow, ensuring, with shots of both hands that you can clearly see what to play, whilst also hearing what it should sound like. Stuart shares with you techniques such as unison bends, raking, muting as well as the famous Eddie Van Halen super shapes.

Guitar Techniques Van Halen (RRP £19.99) – this two hour DVD teaches you some of the guitar techniques that influenced a million rock guitarists. Delve into basic tapping techniques with licks, runs bends & scales. Study harmonics – open & pinched, with tapping and riffs. Stuart discusses and demonstrates tremolo picking (different ways of getting same effect, arpeggio ideas, within scales), use of tremolo arm licks to get tasty effects (sounds like a horse) and much, much more.

www.licklibrary.com is the original and best online musicians’ community, where you can register and get discounts on the above DVD sets as well as download tutorials. Each month new lessons are added, and Lick Library broadband TV channel features on demand lessons, live performances and interviews. Remember you can showcase your ever growing talent at Lickspace – the musicians meeting point. Upload and share your own audio and video, or create online photo galleries and blogs.

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Guitar Shop: Ibanez Paul Gilbert PGM signature series

Since his arrival in the music scene with Racer X, Paul Gilbert has give lots of exciting and interesting stuffs in the guitar world. His amazing alternate picking style has really influence lots of young guitar players from all around the globe to play and shred like him.

As many knows Paul technical abilities, guitar heads surely knows the instrument that he has been using for years now which is the Ibanez guitar. The strong relationship between Paul and the company ignited the idea of a guitar design by the Mr. Big guitarist himself called the Ibanez PGM, and till this date, the product is one of the stand out names in the guitar world. Here are some of the coolest Paul's stuffs that I can recommend to you and hopefully fits your price range, just click on images for details and purchasing.

Ibanez PGM100RE 20th Anniversary edition:

Ibanez PGM100RE Paul Gilbert 20th Anniversary Electric Guitar

Ibanez PGM 401:

Ibanez PGM401 Paul Gilbert Electric Guitar (with Case)

Ibanez AF2 Paul Gilbert Airplane Flanger Pedal:

Ibanez AF2 Paul Gilbert Signature Airplane Flanger Pedal

Ibanez Paul Gilbert's Guitar Pick:

Ibanez Paul Gilbert Guitar Pick (6 Pack)

Check out our other products soon!!! Keep Rocking!


John Norum To Release New Solo Album In May

Hard rock guitar maniacs, especially those who listen to 80's rockers, should definitely recognize Europe's guitarist, John Norum as he is one of the kick ass guitar players in that era. Having a pretty okay solo career, John looked set to show the music world his musical quality outside Europe with his new album which will be released on May 27.

The new record will is being titled "Play Yard Blues" and dropped via Mascot Records which is known for their support with lots of guitar instrumentalist, such as Paul Gilbert, Buckethead and mane more. As it can be seen from the title, John's new album will surely gives a very bluesy hard rocking sound to your ear and promised to be a fun stuff to hear.

Aside from the upcoming new album, John also had another music project released under Mascot Records, which is a track on a compilation set titled "When Blues Meets Rock". For the compilation album, the guitarist featured a new solo single named "Let It Shine".

Here is the complete track listing for John's New Album "Play Yard Blues":
01. Let it Shine
02. Red Light Green High
03. It's Only Money
04. Got My Eyes on You
05. When Darkness Falls
06. Over and Done
07. Ditch Queen
08. Travel in the Dark
09. Born Again
10. Play Yard Blues

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Guitar Video: Jeff Loomis New Guitar Lesson Teaser

A new guitar lesson that will surely bring an excitement to many guitar heads is about to be released soon, the new DVD is Jeff Loomis' guitar lesson titled "Extreme Lead Guitar". The upcoming DVD is being set for a pre-sale on April 15 and as a promo bid, Rock House Method streamed a teaser video that will attract many guitar fans out there.

From the teaser clip we can see some footage from the making of the DVD lesson and also the features being offered from the new DVD, such as over 40 lessons given, Live performance clips, guitar tab bonus and many more. From the teaser, I can say that, Jeff's upcoming DVD looked to be a promising stuff that would really be more than fun for young guitarist to check out and learn.

Aside from the DVD teaser, there is also a cool lesson clip that you can see below, that clip is an arpeggio lick of Jeff's "Miles of Machine". The arpeggio lick is indeed very very cool and unique, certainly something arpeggio meister would really love in learning and doing.

So here it is just check out videos from the Nevermore guitarist's Jeff Loomis:

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Guitar Jamm Videos: Gary Hoey and Richie Kotzen

Here are couple of streamed videos suggested to me by Gary Hoey himself as he announced his projects this year, the two clips were taken from his latest appearance at the Rock N'Roll Fantasy Camp not so long ago. The videos sees Gary along with other crazy musicians fellow guitar virtuoso Richie Kotzen performing Purple Haze and Johnny B. Goode, all are amazing shows so check em up guys!!

Videos of Gary Hoey & Richie Kotzen Jamm:

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Gary Hoey To Tour With Jeff Beck

Exciting news arrives for guitar fans in North America as they will have the chance to watch another special show that will showcase two guitar maestros on the stage, Gary Hoey and Jeff Beck. The news was revealed by Gary via his official news letter send not long ago and it was indeed a wonderful surprise as having two guitar masters sharing the stage always means quality music will be heard.

According to the news letter, Gary and Jeff will be starting their North America tour in April, which starts on April 16 to April 29 and hit about seven venues in the U.S. A special stuffs are definitely promised when two virtuosos share the stage together and according to the report, Hoey will do a rare acoustic setup for the tour that certainly be something worth waiting for music fans.

Meanwhile, aside from the upcoming special tour with Jeff, Gary also has other exciting projects this year that maybe his fans or the guitar community would like to check out, such as his exciting Fender Clinics and also his solo tour. The 49-years-old's upcoming clinic will be divided into two session, the April session which will start from April 6-14 and the May session that starts from May 11 to 20.

As for his solo tour, Gary revealed that at the moment there are already 3 Venues that will see him with his band, which are on NY State Fair, Tupelo Music Hall and also Fender Univesity. The dates for all of that shows including his other tour and clinics can be viewed completely below.

03/24/10 -
Performing for Fender & Rocktron/GHS

Fender Clinics - April

Dave Phillips Music
Allentown, PA
Washington Music Center
Wheaton, MD
Bill's Music
Catonsville, MD
Alpha Music
Virginia Beach, VA
Daddy's Junky Music
Boston, MA
Daddy's Junky Music
Portsmouth, NH
Strings & Things
Concord, NH

On Tour With Jeff Beck

Nob Hill Masonic Center
San Francisco, CA
4th and B
San Diego, CA
Verizon Wireless Theater
Houston, TX
Nokia Theater at Grand Prairie
Grand Prairie, TX
Brady Theater
Tulsa, OK
Starlight Theater
Kansas City, MO
Fabulous Fox Theater
St. Louis, MO

Fender Clinics - May

Hame's Music
Gaffney, SC
Ken Stanton Music
Marietta, GA
Portman's Music
Augusta, GA
Total Entertainment
Daytona Beach, FL
Daddy's Junky Music
Manchester, NH
Daddy's Junky Music
Peabody, MA
Musician's 1st Choice
Augusta, ME
Mark's Music
Brewer, ME

Gary Hoey
On Tour

Chevrolet Court
@ NY State Fair
with Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Syracuse, NY
Tupelo Music Hall
Salisbury, MA
Tupelo Music Hall
Londonderry, NH
08/25/10 -
Fender University
Corona, CA

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Orange Amps Launched Crush & Crush PIX Amps

Once again Orange Amps have just released another new type of amps to the market and this time the renown company introduce, the New Crush and Crush PIX amps as their latest outing. The news is being revealed via Orange Amps official press release outed on March 15, here is the full press release as read:
Orange recently upgraded the Crush PiX range of amps to pack more punch and offer more great value for money. Following on from this, they are announcing at the Frankfurt Musikmesse a range of new models and changes.

2010 see’s the whole Crush PiX range available in an optional cool black finish alongside their instantly recognisable, brightly coloured Orange Amplifiers and picture-frame cabinets.

The range has also been extended to include the new CR100 BXT bass amp combo. With 100 watts RMS, this packs serious power and features a 15” speaker, built-in digital tuner and line-out/auxiliary-in sockets. As with other Orange bass amps, it has black grill cloth and is built using road rugged, tried and tested materials.

Also being launched is a new stereo Micro Crush practice amp. This highly portable compact practice amp, has two speakers for full stereo sound plus line-out/auxiliary-in sockets. It includes a 2.5mm stereo jack socket to plug in your Ipod/MP3 player, a gain control, built-in tuner and comes with 18 volt power supply included.


USA info@orangeusa.com or outside USA info@omec.com


Tel ; +44 208 905 2828

Fax ; +44 208 905 2868

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Steve Vai and Bryan May to Appear on Meat Loaf's Album

An interesting news arrives from Meat Loaf as the musicians is about to release a new album that includes some big names in the music world including two guitar legends, Bryan May and Steve Vai. The two guitarist along with other renown musicians surely makes Meat Loaf's upcoming record titled "Hang Cool Teddy Bear" something worth waiting for as it will be dropped on May 11.

For the upcoming record Steve will be appearing and giving his contribution in a song titled "Love Is Not Real" while Bryan is contributing on two tracks, which is "Love Is Not Real" with Vai and also "Song Of Madness". Aside from those two, other musicians that helped out on the record are, Kara DioGuardi, Jack Black, Justin Hawkins and many more.

Commenting about his new album Meat Loaf said t the press, "I wanted it big, I wanted it dramatic, I wanted a rock record. Yes, it sounds like a Meat Loaf record. But it sounds different too: it sounds new, it sounds fresh. It speaks to you in a different way." Moreover the musician also revealed that the new album actually has a bigger concept which is inspired by a short story written by his longtime friend Killian Kerwin.

Telling about the connection between the story and the concept of his album Meat Loaf stated to the press saying, "It's the story of a soldier, He's been in battle and he's lying face down on the ground. He can't move, but he turns his head and starts to see blood run across the ground, and so he thinks he's going to die. They always say you see your life flash backward when you're about to die. But his life flashes forward — into what possibly could happen. He sees what his life could be: the good and the bad. The songs are the different scenarios he finds himself in. It's not always the same time or the same place, but it's always the same woman. But I don't want to give too much away. I want people to work it out for themselves."

Personally I am looking forward in hearing this new record that will be dropped under Roadrunner Records, as Meat Loaf always offers exciting songs that combines rocking music with strong lyrics. Not only that with the addition of Steve and Bryan in some of the songs it would surely be more exciting as the quality of the music would definitely shouldn't be questioned.

written by Dewa Nugraha


Slash Announced Solo Tour Line Up

As a bit to promote his upcoming self titled solo album, guitar legend Slash is ready to gear up for tour and closing in to the date of his road trip and new album's release, the guitarist revealed to public the official line up for the upcoming road show. Announcing the news via his official MySpace blog, Slash revealed the names that will be joining him on the road, they are Myles Kennedy (vocals, guitar), Bobby Schneck (rhythm guitar), Dave Henning (bass) & Brent Fitz (drums)

Despite already announcing the line up for his upcoming shows, Slash hasn't officially confirmed all of the dates for the upcoming tour as he said that there is still need confirmation regarding all of the dates. However, Blabbermouth stated that Slash and his tour band will be marking their road trip by performing at the Rock On the Range festival which will be held in May.

Meanwhile, Slash's upcoming album itself is being set to be dropped on April 6 in North America, while in the U.K. the album is released on May 10. As it has been reported before, on the new record the former Guns N' Roses guitarist tabbed lots of renown musicians such as Myles, Ozzy Osbourne, Adam Levine, Fergie and many more.

Adding more details about the album, the first single from the record has also been released to public the new track is titled "By The Sword". Commenting about the song Slash said, "By The Sword' is a favorite of mine off the album. I really enjoyed meeting and working with Andrew Stockdale. It was a solid collaborative effort and his voice is fantastic."

written by Dewa Nugraha

John Petrucci To Take Part On Guitar Workshop Plus

An exciting news for all guitar heads living in Canada as the latest confirmation stated that another guitar hero is set to join the star studded music workshop event, and that guitarist is Dream Theater's John Petrucci. The news was revealed on Blabbermouth, stating aside from John, there are also other guitar and bass heroes that will perform at the event, they are Andy Timmons, Tony Macalpine, Greg Howe, Stuart Hamm, Dave Martone and many more.

Those amazing line up certainly will attract lots of guitar maniacs to attend the event as those performers mentioned above are masters at what they are playing. However, despite the amazing act line up off course they wont be giving workshop at the same time, as the Guitar Workshop plus has already set up the schedule for the musicians.
According to the list John will be playing at Appleby College in Oakville, Ontario on July 18 - July 23 (the first session of the event). Meanwhile Andy and Tony are being scheduled to do a workshop on July 25-30 at the same venue as John is, as for Greg, Stu and Dave the three will be performing at the Quest University in Squamish, B.C.: August 8 - August 13. More info about the schedule, other performers and also admission to attend the event can be viewed at this site

Back on the news about John, aside from preparing to do the workshop, the guitar virtuoso also has a hectic schedule as he needs to be ready to get on tour with his bandmates as Dream Theater have an important tour coming up. The progressive metal act is being set to go on the road alongside metal legend Iron Maiden, where they will be touring in all across the North America, starting from from June 9 through July 20.

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Videos: Joe Satriani's Radio Interview

The Official Guitar Hero Store

Guitar legend, Joe Satriani had an exclusive interview back in February with 107.7 The Bone, which is a San Fransisco Bay Area's rock station. There were four video streams of the interview that might interest you guys guitar heads and music lovers, just check em up.

Meanwhile, Joe himself at the moment is busy preparing some of his music projects such as promoting his new Live DVD titled: "Live In Paris: I Just Wanna Rock" that was officially released on February 2. As one of his promo bid, this March starting from March 14 to March 27, Joe will be making some in-store appearance at some stores which you can see the full list below:

The Official Guitar Hero Store

March 14
1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Musican's Superstore
9260 Sheridan Blvd.
Westminister, CO 80031

March 19 - 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Sam Ash
7780 S. Cicero Ave.
Burbank, IL 60459

March 21 - 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Cascio Interstate Music
13819 W. National Ave.
New Berlin, WI 53151

March 22 - 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
5501 US Highway 30W.
Fort Wayne, IN 46818

March 26 - 2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Sam Ash
156 W. 48TH. St.
New York, NY 10036

March 27 - 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Ken Stanton
119 Cobbb Parkway North, Suite A
Maretta, GA 30062

Here are the four part videos of Joe Satriani's recent interview:

Get your hand on Joe's latest Ibanez JS series here:
Ibanez JS20S Joe Satriani 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Electric Guitar (With Case)

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Orange Amps Launch Thunder 30 Combo and Head

Another new stuff being introduced by the famous amps company Orange Amps, the new product that is being set to get launch this spring is the Thunder 30 combo and head. The new amps is being set to replace the previous Rocker 30 amps and being touted as something more special that the earlier product.

Revealing some of the new amp features, the company via their official press release describe the new amp will deliver more punch, more features and more power and a blowing sound. Here is the explanation for the new amp:

"The new Thunder 30 is an all valve class A 30 watt, twin channel amplifier, powered by four EL84 power valves (two more than the Rocker 30). It will be available in head and 1 X 12 configurations and includes an F/X loop (not featured on the Rocker 30) and the 1x12 is front loaded.
A brand new design incorporating the best of the Rocker and Thunder series, the new amps have two channels. The first is a classic vintage channel which has crystal clear clean sound and when turned up delivers a thunderous vintage power amp overdrive. The second overdrive/distortion channel, features a shape control as seen in the Thunderverb models and has a British tone crunch of numbing proportions!"

Moreover, the company also stated that the Thunder 30 has the perfect balance for players as not only it has a phenomenal tonal range for studio usage but it is also small and light enough to be a portable device. In short the new amp is a very-very exciting and cool product that is ultimately ideal for regular gigging.

for more info about the Thunder 30 just log in to the company's official site
or mail them at

USA info@orangeusa.com or outside USA info@omec.com

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Yngwie Malmsteen Announce Russia Tour

Neoclassic guitar-master, Yngwie Malmsteen has just announced an exciting news for guitar heads in Europe especially in Russia as the guitarist revealed that he will be doing two headlining shows there. According from the news posted on Yngwie's official MySpace page, the guitar hero will be performing in Moskow and St Petersburg on April 21 and 24.

The exciting part about the upcoming tour is that, the shows in Russia are Yngwie's first in 21 years in the country. This surely will bring many guitar heads in the country to check the music that Yngwie will offer and have a neo classic rocking time.

Yngwie will surely played his classic hits on the shows and probably some new stuffs from his latest albums, such as tracks from his latest "High Impact" or maybe going into acoustic like his "Angels of Love" outing last year. Despite all of those possibilities, the upcoming concert will surely be something special and worth watching, so go and hit the stage guys!!!

written by Dewa Nugraha


Chris Broderick Reveals Jason Becker and Marty Friedman As Guitar Influences

Megadeth's guitarist Chris Broderick reveal some interesting fact about guitars and the guitar players that has influenced him over the years in a recent interview he did with Bay Area Metal Scene. On the interview, Chris revealed the names of guitar players that have been his influence until this date and they are Jason Becker, Dimebag Darrell and Marty Friedman.

Revealing on Jason and Dimebag's influence on him, Chris revealed that he recently did some stuff that was influenced by the two guitarists, which is doing some cool things with the tremolo bar. "The tremolo-bar work that I did was really more my own, although definitely influenced by Dimebag and Jason Becker and all of the old Shrapnel [records] shredders like that," Chris said.

Meanwhile, revealing about having Marty as one of his favorite and influential guitar players, Chris stated that it all happened after he heard Dragon's Kiss played by Marty and Jason. Stating his praise over the former Megadeth and Cacophony axeman, Chris said, "When you listen to Marty, he has such a unique sound. The generalized term for it is that Middle Eastern or Eastern sound, and as soon as you hear one of his solos you say, "Oh, that's Marty!" That's one of the best things that any player or soloist can have is their own sound and their own style, and that's one thing that really influenced me."

Aside from sharing things about his favorite players, Chris also give some good advices to young guitarist on how they should behave and what they should do to be a great player. "you should develop your own sound and style and develop as an individual. You're making a statement with your instrument. I think the best thing you can do is enjoy what you're doing because you'll learn better and you'll learn more and you'll be happy doing it," Chris said adding. "Just hearing more, to tell you the truth. When I listen to things I pick-up more detail now than I used to, and I think that'll be the same case in a few years from now."

written by Dewa Nugraha

Video: Slash's New Album's Trailer

Still preparing for the official release of his new self titled solo album, Slash gives a special thing for fans by streaming a video trailer of the new album promotion. The new clip which is 4 minutes long, gives a special look at the process of the new album's recording as fans are taken to see some exclusive behind the scenes footage of the upcoming record.

Certainly the most interesting things from the footage are the appearance of renown musicians that helped out Slash on the album such as, Ozzy Osbourne, Fergie, Kid Rock, M.Shadows, Adam Levine, Dave Grohl, Myles Kennedy and others. Seeing so many stars getting in and recording with the ex-Guns N' Roses guitarist surely is a cool thing that may get people pumped in knowing and hearing the upcoming record.

The album itself has several release date as the two main and major schedule reportedly are in April for the North America region and on March 10 for those in U.K. This surely brings the joy for most European fans as they got to hear it earlier, and not only that for the release in that country, Slash's label Roadrunner Records is working with Future to give a special fan pack that looks to be a special thing for fans in England. More info about the package can be viewed on Blabbermouth.

Meanwhile, previously sharing some stories behind the making of his new album, Slash revealed that having all of those star musicians helping him out was like a dream come true for him. "The idea was really simple in the beginning. These are all artists I wanted to work with — that I thought it would be amazing to do something creative and collaborative. And I was so impressed with what everyone brought to the table. They were all so committed to doing a good job. And we had a lot of fun making these songs," Slash said.

Video Trailer for Slash's New Album:

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Herman Li to Do Guitar Workshop Tour

Being known for his unique and fast guitar playing techniques puts Dragonforce's Herman Li as one of the guitar players that attracted lots of guitar heads. Proving it Herman will be conducting a series of tour sponsored by Ibanez throughout March and April in Europe.

The workshop will surely be something that can give an interesting insight to guitar heads in Europe on how Herman's playing is and also get something important from the guitar master. The tour will cover big countries in Europe such as Holland, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Swiss, France and off course the United Kingdom.

Herman himself looked excited about the upcoming tour and also revealed his wishes on the upcoming workshop, which is getting more connected with guitar heads and his fans. I really want to encourage people to come to these workshops not just to sit and watch, but to participate and ask questions to get as much as they can from this experience. I'm looking forward to connecting with the fans on a more personal level and being able to share some knowledge with them first hand," Herman said.

More news and details about the upcoming events can be viewed at Herman's official site.

here is the schedule for Herman Li's upcoming guitar workshop:
Mar. 09 - Rotterdam, Netherlands - Feedback
Mar. 10 - Saint-Nicolas, Belgium - Key Music
Mar. 11 - Niederlenz, Switzerland - Musik Produktiv Schweiz AG
Mar. 12 - Pfaeffikon, Switzerland - Seedamm Music Store
Mar. 13 - Morges, Switzerland - Boullard Musique SA
Mar. 14 - St. Gallen, Switzerland - Musik Shop
Mar. 16 - Nancy, France - Music Academy International
Mar. 17 - Toulon, France - Le Vox – Steel Music – La Garde
Mar. 18 - Trento, Italy - La Pietra Music Planet
Mar. 19 - Modena, Italy - Lenzotti Strumenti Musicali
Mar. 20 - Barcelona, Spain - Rock and Classics S.L
Mar. 22 - Seville, Spain - MAT Guitar & Bass
Mar. 23 - Lisbon, Portugal - Music Factory
Apr. 27 - Guildford, United Kingdom - ACM
Apr. 28 - Birmingham, United Kingdom - PMT

written by Dewa Nugraha
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